Monday, February 26, 2007

Government still investigating.....not UFOs but UAP


When the inestimable UFO investigator Leon Davidson received the 1970 letter (from the Department of the Air Force) pictured above, he didn’t quite accept the idea that the military agency had abandoned the evaluation of UFOs (as stated in paragraph five).

He was right to be skeptical, since all that happened was a change of the designation of flying saucers from UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), which is what the CIA, NSA, Navy, Army, and Air Force are still gathering reports about, and actively seeking to determine exactly what has been and continues to be seen in the skies over America and elsewhere.

Conspiratorialists think the United States government, in one agency or another, has some, perhaps much, extraterrestrial information, and actual craft/alien beings which it has kept secret since 1947, or before.

The evidence for secret portfolios is ample. The idea that the government also has downed craft and dead extraterrestrials is palpable, and not unreasonable to some extent.

But UFO investigators won’t find much by utilizing the Freedom of Information Act or pursuing a Congressional thrust to get government agencies to open their files or disclose what they’re doing about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena if they, ufologists (a chary term we deplore), continue to reference the enigma as UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects.

A perusal, online or in situ, of various government archives will confirm the UAP designation and continuing study of the phenomenon known by the public as UFO, and we’ll be providing documents, here, to make the point.


mjo_3d33 said...

yeah, thats great , first there were "foo fighters" (1930's-1940's), then they were called "saucers", then "ufo's" then there was project "grudge", then "blue book" and now they are calling the stuff "uap" unidentified aerial phenomena. whats happening is, that there is always a bad stigma, and so they change the name to something fresh to avoid the stigma... Anyway, nice article

ted said...

The UFO community is focused on reports of objects and bunches all reports including those involving simply lights into the same category as UFO. Further, the term UFO is no longer objective and literally means "alien spaceship" to most "UFOlogists.
The term UAP in some variations is used by several official international investigation teams like CNES-GEPAN (France)and CEFAA (Chile). "Rare Atmospheric Phenomena", "Anomalous Aerial Phenomena", "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" are all plural terms and allow for a more accurate classification and categorization of cases than the term "UFO".
The term UAP wasn't generally used in UFOlogy until Dr. Richard Haines and Ted Roe began using the term on the website that the term started catching on in UFOLogy.
Now it is commonly used by various groups and orgs to suggest that they are rigorously objective. In most cases it is simply part of a facade for a psuedo-scientific, agenda-based point of view. A few efforts do justice to the term, but not many.

Anonymous said...

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